『Spin 株式会社』は2019年5月創業の企業で、産業の生産財として多用されるスチールベルトのリサーチと研究開発を専門としています。


Spin 主力製品

“2 Precious Roles” in R2R

Role No.1

Detachable Tiling Roll for Imprinting and Gravure printing

D e t a c h a b l e
T i l i n g R o l l

Detachable Outer Thin Roll with Precise Structure on Surface

Role No.2

Steel belt Suction(Vacuum)Conveyor

Steel belt Suction
(Vacuum) Conveyor

For Film Handling in R2R Continuous Flat Stage

Detachable Tiling Roll

Detachable Outer Thin Roll with Precise Structure on Surface



TILING ROLL Manufacturing Process

TILING ROLL Technology

Precision cut to tiling

Tiling weld to sleeve cylindrical weld

Thin wall sleeve insertion to finalize a tiling roll

Typical 4 patterns

For Printing and Stamping(Imprinting)

1. Super Fine Ni Electroformed Concave Stamper for Gravure Printing

【Gravure Printing Pattern for MLCC and Hi-Capacity Electrode】

Joint cut pieces formed Outer thin sleeve and inserted to Core(Inner) Roll


  • The precision is the same level as Ni Electroforming stencil
  • For high-speed direct Gravure Printing specification
  • DLC coating is available for superficial hardness

2. Ni Electroformed Hi-Ratio Concave Stamp For Gravure Printing

【Printing Pattern for Precise Inductor Electrode etc】

(Now on R&D for Tiling Roll)

Enlarged Photo

Electroformed concave stamper for gravure


  • Super excellent pattern accuracy

  • Hi-Aspect Ratio (Line:Pitch=1:2)

  • Over Electroforming available (mounting in layers)

3. Super Fine Ni Electroformed Groove Stamper for Gravure Printing

【Printing Pattern for Ultra Precise Mesh】


  • Minimum Groove pattern size : 3μm
  • 10 μm minimum depth
  • Maximum size: 770 mm × 520 mm

4. Super Minute Ni Electroformed Stamper for Imprint Mold

【Ni Electroformed Sheet for Large size Micro Pattern】

Both Convex and Concave available

Image of Ni Electroformed Mold Stamper

●Stamper Mold Specifications●


・External Size:780X520

・Pattern Width:20μ

・Pattern Height:40μ

・Mold Thickness:300μ

Molding Sample (by SEM photo)

●Molding Sample●

・Stamping Method : UV Imprint

・Material : UV Curable Resin

・Imprint Process : C2C or R2R

- Super-minute electroformed processing technology -

Ni electroformed mold stamper for

Both Convex and Concave available

Background and Conventional Challenges

❶ Roll with Precise Structure Fablicated Directly on surface

Enormous Manufacturing Cost


Work Heavy Load

Ultra Delicate and Precise Surface for Handling

❷ In case roll wrapped with precise structure sheet

Workability Poor & Difficulty Level High

Irreplaceable or each time renewal

Non-Durable due to blade scraping

Tiling Roll

Solution !!

❶ Precise Butt Welding as called “Tiling”

Precise Cutting and Edge care of Micro Pattern Sheet

Precise Butt Welding with End to End of Structure Sheet

Rolling and Polishing for Better Surface of Welding Line

❷ Highly precise control in accuracy & tolerance

Precise Cutting method

Special Care for each Edge

Hi-Dimension Control in Diameter, Straightness & roundness

❸ Detachable Technology to insert and to pull out of core roll

Controlling Dimensions of Outer Roll Inner Diameter and Core Roll Outer Diameter for inserting for detaching

Detaching by Air Surfacing Aid with controlling dimensions of  Outer Roll’s and Core Roll’s Diameter


Features and Solutions

Manufacturing Standard Dimension

・Roll Diameter:Φ100㎜~Φ400㎜

・Outer Roll Thickness:0.1㎜~0.3㎜

・Roll Length:~1,500㎜


・Longer-Durability against Blade Scraping on Deformation Welding Line

・Easy Stock of Various Patterns and replacement to maintain in R2R process

・No time and Effort for Detaching with Outer Roll to insert and pull out of Core Roll


Great Cost

Steel belt Suction(Vacuum) Conveyor

Back Ground and Conventional 3 Challenges in Film Handling

Fluttering and Wave

Gap Instability between Inkjet-Head or Line Camera and film face.

Instability in Film Speed and Accuracy of Distance Transferred

Film Tension Unbalance makes Film Speed instability and inaccuracy of Transferring distance.

Deviation and Side Slip

Lateral Deviation in the Width Derection of Film Transferred Causes instability for Printing and Camera Inspection.


Steelbelt Suction Conveyor

Solution !!

3 kinds of controlling for Film handling

❶ Fluttering and Wave

Film fits its face to extremely Flat Continuous Stage by Suction, No more Fluttering and Wave

❷ Film Flow Direction Unbalanced Tension causes Instability of Film Velocity and transferred distance

Ultra accuracy of Steelbelt makes Film Velocity and Transferred Distance both extremely stable and accurate

❸ Film Deviation brings Various Printings and Inspection of Camera inability

Suction Catches Film Face firmly and causes No Deviation

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